Technology that will take the Rugby World by Storm

Date published: November 6 2015

The Rugby World Cup proved a huge success across the world, with the dominant Kiwis eventually running out victors in a hard fought final against Southern Hemisphere neighbours Australia. But, behind the scenes, like any other sport, people are aiming to improve the mechanics of the game.

Yes, it can be said that the sport has made huge strides in the last decade in sports science, in-game replays to help officiating and the utilisation of technological devices to help with coaching.

But, there will always be some other variable that can be tweaked or improved to heighten the viewing experience, reduce the risk of injury or help market teams better on a global level. So what in fact should we be looking out for in the next couple of years? Read on for a snippet of the developments going on behind the scenes in the world of rugby.

LED Jersey Advertising

Marketers are always looking at innovative ways to reach new audiences or for ways to help their campaigns go viral. One feasible option seems to be to transfer sponsorship in an LED format to jerseys. Although, it’s never been done in any other sport, it could well become a reality in the next 12 months.

GPS Rugby Ball

Frankly, it’s surprising that this hasn’t been completed sooner. The premise is that a GPS locator chip will be placed inside the ball and then it will help referees with crucial calls. For instance, if the balls has gone over the try line or it was grounded. Additionally, it will help determine whether the ball has been passed forward. This method will be quicker that having to rely on video replays as the referee can be notified via his earpiece by someone monitoring the GPS tracking system in the stands.

Referee Cam

Already in its test stages, the referee cam would help fans see the official’s view of certain instances. The camera is set to be fitted next to the microphone of the headset that a referee already wears in matches. Having a camera that will effectively mirror the referee’s view will help critique the official’s performance and this can have positive effects long term on improving the decision making of referees across the globe.

Smart Rugby Boots

Contending with different weather conditions has always been a variable that is out of our hands. If it starts to rain heavily midway through a game the likelihood is that players will be ill prepared for the wet conditions. The beauty of the Smart rugby boots is that they can adapt to varying weather conditions.

They have the ability to extend their studs further, which would help with grip in slippy conditions and also provide much needed traction for the players.

All of these developments in technology and more were brought to the fore by Bwin News via an interesting infographic published on their website when they were previewing the World Cup, which you can view in full below.

Other recent developments include a concussion detector, contact lens hud, biometric data wristbands, player cam and a gum shield sensor.

Infographic credit: BWIN News