Your Views: Spending wisely

Date published: September 27 2016

Tuesday's inbox features more of your thoughts on money in the sport, and how more investment can be a good thing.

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Dear Planet Rugby,

I have been following professional rugby in the north and south consistently since I was a child. Over that time, I have seen the sport evolve and more and more money pour in.

The issue of if money killing rugby is down to perspective. The more money pouring in is helping drive up the standard in the north, as top southern hemisphere coaches take up positions at top teams.

I have been a Leicester Tigers fan all of my life. During the glory days, the club competed quite regularly for top prizes. Can I say the standard was that high and pleasing to the eye? Probably not. Glimpses of flair but generally a bosh and kick gameplan.

So, bored and in need of enlightening, I turned to Super Rugby. I followed it quite passionately as the product was better and I was an impressionable boy. I enjoyed it a lot more than going to Welford Road or watching English rugby on TV.

I gained a greater perspective of world rugby as a result. TV companies poured money into it and in the UK, Sky Sports televised it. I'm grateful for this. I have been able to follow more of the sport I love and seen overall skill levels increase as a result.

Now with Aaron Mauger coaching at Leicester, a more expansive game is played and the side is improving and catching up with Saracens and Wasps. Recruiting JP Pietersen has brought more calm and reassurance to the backline. Recruiting him came about by more money being poured into the game.

I can understand the frustrations in South Africa with the issues about player selection and quotas. The issues with the Top 14 and the amount of games played by players. Money has poured in there but I do struggle to watch games due to the lack of magic at times.

Of course the world is catching up with the benchmark, The All Blacks. They have been at the forefront of the game ever since I started following rugby. To keep up with their evolving standard, everyone else has invested in personnel and facilities which have improved the overall experience for the fans. Money having a factor has to be inevitably accepted however, how it is used is what really counts.

Harj, England

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