Your Views: ‘Seven’ Nations, Japan, Welsh rugby

Date published: August 17 2016

Wednesday’s inbox features thoughts on the possibility of a Seven Nations and more.

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Seven better than Six

I think that it only makes logical sense to add another country to the Six Nations and make it seven, allowing for a promotion/relegation system every one or two years.

Georgia for example has more than proven they can trouble Europe’s elite and are currently above Italy in the world rankings. Romania is also capable of troubling some of the top teams on their day, with the historical pedigree of victory over several major European powers.

Introducing a seventh team would not only make the competition more exciting, it would provide a huge incentive for teams in the European nations cup to have the chance to one day play in famous stadiums like Murrayfield, Twickenham and Cardiff. Rugby’s administrators are always talking about growing the game, so this would surely present them with the perfect opportunity to do so.

Myles Alexander

Japan rocking the boat

No rants from my side, but a commentary on the recent performances of Japan’s national teams, both union and league.

It is so astonishing and heartwarming to see the upsetting results those teams have put on at the Rugby World Cup and Olympics respectively.

Because you see, in rugby, there always seems to be a dominant area that totally obliterates competition, and as far as I know, upsets like those are quite rare in this sport.

Not only is it a good thing for Japan, but the fact that Tier 2 Nations get to put up such results against a World Cup winner contributes immensely to the spread of this wonderful sport around the world (and maybe more particularly in the Northern Hemisphere).

Michael K.

Time for change in Wales

It is quite clear down here in New Zealand that the current structure of the Welsh Regional teams is not working.

The Newport Gwent Dragons have failed to fire a shot at all.

The Cardiff Blues have also under-delivered given the players and financial resources that they have.

The Ospreys have been the most consistant and successful. However they have piggy-backed to a certain extent of the preceeding success of Neath.

The Scarlets have performed to the extent that their playing/financial  resources dictate.

How about getting dispensation from the RFU to have London Welsh included in the PRO12. London is a large city and would bring in a lot more commercial sponsorship.

The Dragons are a lost cause and need to disappear. Pontypridd could possibly take their place. They have pedigree and a solid fan base.

The Ospreys need to have 50 percent of their home games at Neath. That is where their fan base is strongest. The corporates at Liberty Stadium will have to compromise. It’s all about bums on seats. Without fans there is no interest, and if there is no interest, then Sponsors are not getting any bang for their buck.

So there you have it. Five teams:

Cardiff Blues
London Welsh

Grant Tait

Agree or disagree?