What will the Autumn International Friendlies mean for the England Rugby team?

Date published: November 10 2016

What will the Autumn International Friendlies mean for the England Rugby team?

The Autumn International Rugby will be kicking off November 5th, and with England due to play against South Africa, Fiji, Argentina and Australia throughout the run of friendlies, there is likely to be an impact on English rugby as a whole. Rugby is one of the most celebrated sports in the world, and the Autumn international friendlies provides the perfect opportunity for the England squad to show why they are ranked number 2 in the world, and this will be showcased across television globally. Now spectators can get even more involved in the action with interactives like the Ladbrokes Autumn Internationals Rugby Score Generator coming into play online, providing a huge anticipation not only for these friendlies but also for the Six Nations next year. Not only will this have an impact on the sport as a whole, but also for the England rugby team to have the support that they need. The Autumn International Friendlies will be the opportunity for the England rugby team to showcase their skills, and we’ve put together a list of what the run of friendlies will mean for the squad.


One of the main reasons why the Autumn Internationals will be so important for the England squad will be the fact that they can practice in order to warm up against some of the teams that they will be facing during the Six Nations tournament in February and March. While the squad will have played regularly for their Rugby Union teams throughout the year, being called to the International side is a big step for some of the players, and this extra pressure for the Six Nations will be balanced out with these friendlies. International Rugby is deemed to be far more competitive than Rugby Union games, and the Autumn Internationals will be an ideal preparation for the squad members who will be heading to the Six Nations tournament next year.

New Potential

One thing that we will see in the Autumn Internationals is new stars of the game coming through and showing their potential in the hope that they will be picked for the Six Nations. While the regular Rugby names like Haskell and Farrell are likely to be in the side, the Autumn Internationals is the perfect opportunity for up and coming stars to show off their skills under the pressure of the international stage. England will be facing some tough competition such as South Africa and Australia during the Autumn Internationals, making it an ideal place for the coaches to switch up the teams and push some of the newer stars of the Rugby Union teams even further as they face some of their toughest competition yet.

Make Up Some Ground

While teams like New Zealand have been ranked number one in the world, the teams that are behind the All Blacks, with England being a very close Ranking second, are tight knitted teams, and the Autumn International friendlies will provide England with the opportunity to make up some ground and tear away from the pack. This could also have a psychological impact on the teams that will be featuring in the Six Nations if England have a good run throughout the Autumn Internationals, which could provide them with a mentality and confidence advantage over the competition.