‘What a little STAR he is’ – Eight-year-old that wowed Andy Farrell returns for another rousing rendition of Ireland’s Call before Six Nations clash

Colin Newboult
Stevie Mulrooney performing Ireland's Call during Six Nations clash in 2024.

Stevie Mulrooney performing Ireland's Call during Six Nations clash in 2024.

Singing sensation Stevie Mulrooney once again captured the hearts and minds of those watching as he performed during Ireland’s clash on Sunday.

After his starring role in the men’s encounter against Italy, where eight-year-old Stevie showed no fear in belting out ‘Ireland’s Call’ in February, he was then invited to sing at the women’s match.

Prior to the Six Nations game with the Italians, Mulrooney took to the mic and did another superb rendition of the anthem.

‘Really good for the soul’

That confidence also shone through when he was interviewed by Off The Ball ahead of the big occasion.

Stevie revealed why he enjoyed singing so much and why he wanted to perform at another Ireland v Italy clash before he belted out Ireland’s Call for the interviewer.

“I love singing, it’s really good for the soul, so I’m really looking forward to doing this for the women. They don’t get much credit but they play brilliant in every match,” he said.

Mulrooney once again got plenty of love from the fans with one person writing on X, formerly Twitter: “That boy Stevie Mulrooney is some singer just listened to him on the radio unreal voice. Some career ahead.”

Another person wrote: “Oh what a little STAR he is”, while rugbyisthegame added: “Moment of the match already decided! Well done Stevie!”

‘Hands down best Ireland’s Call rendition ever’ – Eight-year-old lad nails Six Nations anthem

His first performance certainly impressed Ireland head coach Andy Farrell, who commented on the rendition in his press conference after their 36-0 victory over the Azzurri.

“Oh wow. I tell you, I was actually saying before the game, I was just watching him the whole time,” Farrell said in February,

“I didn’t know whether he was standing with his mother or not but when I realised the other lady (Jennifer Dalton) was not his mother and was singing the national anthem for the Italians… his confidence was amazing and I actually thought, ‘I wish our lads are going to be like that’.

“He’s got his shoulders back, he was ready. He was waving to the crowd, stood there on his own. I thought: ‘this kid’s got it all’. He was amazing. He nailed it, didn’t he? It was a great start.”

‘Join a trade union’

Meanwhile, Seán Ó Raghallaigh poked a little bit of fun at the situation. Could the Irish Rugby Union be resorting to some cost-cutting measures?

“This child would want to make sure he’s joining a trade union with the amount of unpaid work he’s doing for Irish Rugby lately,” Ó Raghallaigh wrote.

Mulrooney is from the Kennyswell Road in Kilkenny and initially caught the eye last November when he gave a rousing rendition of Ireland’s Call on the Late Late show.

That rendition led to viewers calling for him to perform ahead of an Ireland Test match, which happened in February ahead of the men’s match with Italy.

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