Weekly Quiz: Antoine Dupont, United Rugby Championship and Premiership semi-finals

Dylan Coetzee
Split with Antoine Dupont and Northampton v Saracens

Split with Antoine Dupont and Northampton v Saracens

For the first time ever we present to you our weekly quiz where you get to test how up-to-date you are in the fast-paced world of rugby.

The format is simple, there are 10 questions to answer in a multiple-choice format all you need to do is select the option you believe is correct and we will do the rest. Once completed be sure to share your result and get bragging rights over your mates.

Over the last week, there has been lots of rugby to follow, from the Premiership semi-finals to Super Rugby Pacific and the United Rugby Championship closing out their regular season. At the same time, the SVNS circuit completed its first season after being revamped to just eight tournaments, with the finale in Madrid.


This week’s quiz is a relatively easy one and if you have been keeping up to date with the news over the last week and particularly last weekend then a full score is achievable.

Our biggest hint going forward would be to read our weekly round-up feature every Monday called Who’s Hot and Who’s Not where we recap everything going on in the rugby world.

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This is the first of many weekly quizzes for you to test how well you keep track of rugby’s news. Come back each week and see how many perfect scores you can get.

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