WATCH: Pro D2 Pitch invader escapes stewards in a sensational run

Jared Wright
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In a time where protestors and streakers put a damper on sporting events, a Pro D2 fan has produced a hilariously brilliant sprint around the pitch.

Generally speaking, streakers and pitch invaders can be a real nuisance on a sport as the camera pans away from the action as stewards scamper to chase them down.

In other cases, sporting events are delayed or even postponed due to the streakers’ actions. An excellent example of this was the protestors at the World Snooker Championships in April.

‘Best streaker ever’

However, the Pro D2 in France is celebrated for being wild, different and often just downright crazy, and it was true to form this weekend during the match between Aurillac and Biarritz.

During the second half of the game, a fan made his way onto the pitch after Aurillac kicked a penalty into touch inside the Biarritz 22.

The pitch invader greeted one of the players before heading to the opposite touchline, where he offered to shine Albert Valentin’s boots, and the winger accepted.

At this stage, the stewards had caught up to him, and one made an attempt to catch him but failed as he sprinted away with his hands spread out.

He fended the same steward on the halfway line and did so again in the 22 and stole nicked the steward’s cap before shimmying and making a run for the corner, with the fans cheering him on throughout.

He added one more fend before exiting the stadium from an open gate in the corner.

The commentators on France Bleu Pays Basque thoroughly enjoyed the scenes and joked, “Get him signed right away!”

While Biarritz coach Shaun Sowerby wasn’t too pleased by what was happening, Aurillac head coach Roméo Gontinéac couldn’t help but smile.

The good and the bad

It’s not uncommon in rugby for fans to venture onto the pitch, and this is certainly one of the better examples as no one got injured or had an impact on the match.

Back in 2021, an invader cost Wales a try during a match against South Africa. With the scores level at 15 all, when the ball was whipped wide to Liam Williams, was forced to check and spin mid-catch to avoid the errant spectator.

His involvements denied Wales as clear scoring opportunity, and they would go on to lose the match 23-18, and the fans weren’t pleased.

Another memorable example of a pitch invader was after the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final.

A young boy sprinted onto the pitch to greet star player Sonny Bill Williams but was quickly tackled by security.

Williams helped the boy from the ground and spent a moment with the fan, and was gifted a beanie by Liam Messam. The All Blacks centre then gifted the fan his Rugby World Cup winner’s medal.

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