USA side to join PRO12?

Date published: July 28 2016

American rugby administration and the PRO12 are looking at bringing a USA team to the competition.

The Pro12 are looking to invest in rugby’s growing popularity in the states and the United States Rugby chairman Bob Latham is ‘flattered’ by the interest.

Latham says there is definitely potential for an American side to join despite the difficulties they may face trying to implement the idea.

“We’re certainly very interested but we need to take a realistic look at the feasibility of it and we haven’t crossed that fundamental step yet,” Latham told ESPN.

“Those discussions are at a very early stage but we would certainly look at that and see if it makes sense.”

Latham said that a team on the East Coast would probably be better considering travel and logistics.

“When we receive interest of that kind it is somewhat flattering that people want to enter the market here and we are interested in taking a look at anything that grows and encourages interest in the sport,” said Latham.

“I’m not sure if we have any preconceived notions over how best to make it happen.

“There will be travel issues so the East Coast makes sense but, if you look at the timing of the Pro12 competition, it can be difficult to play in the north east part of the USA at that time of year.

“We have to balance the factor of where fans will turn out, where the weather will be conducive, where there’s a likely fan base as well as the travel issues.