Two-week ban for McKenzie

Date published: September 30 2016

Edinburgh second-row Fraser McKenzie has been suspended for a period of two weeks after he was found guilty of committing an act of foul play against Munster.

The Disciplinary Committee found that the player’s actions, under Law 10.4(h) (k) – Charging into a Ruck and Dangerous Play, was worthy of a suspension.

McKenzie’s suspension has been applied from September 24, 2016 and he will be free to play from October 10, 2016. The player has the right to appeal.

The Disciplinary Committee comprised of Roger Morris (the chair), Aurwell Morgan and Ray Wilton (all WRU).

The hearing took place in Cardiff, Wales on September 28, 2016 between the committee, the player, a managerial representative and a legal representative for Edinburgh Rugby/Scottish Rugby Union.

Although the Disciplinary Committee deemed that the player had not acted deliberately, his actions were judged to be reckless. Under the Law 10.4(h) (k) it was deemed that the player’s act of foul play was a Lower End offence which has a sanction entry point of two weeks.