‘Trust completely shot now’ – Brown

Date published: November 10 2015

England full-back Mike Brown believes the trust has now gone within the squad after recent claims made by players who refuse to be named.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph after their disappointing Rugby World Cup campaign, Brown is upset that those who have been talking to the media have chosen to do so anonymously which he feels will make trusting anyone at future international camps tough to do.

He was speaking about a recent story regarding kit man Dave Tennison and alleged encouragement of players to invest in an energy company.

"There has been a story at the weekend which is absolutely ridiculous so the trust has gone now as far as I am concerned,” he told the paper.

"I worked so hard to play in a World Cup and I am passionate about playing for England.

"It is just difficult because we have not left it in a good place and it doesn't help with all these people deciding to pipe up in the squad that probably shouldn't be, probably anonymously."

He added: "I don't think anyone was good enough in an England shirt to be piping up saying: 'This was wrong, that was wrong' and that sort of thing.

"If they are going to say something, I think they should put their name to it. That is going to make it even more difficult when we (the England squad) do meet up because I think the trust has been, as you can imagine, completely shot now.

"But it will come out who it was at the end of the day so it will be interesting when it does because I will be one of the first people to speak to them."