Tongia cleared of foul play

Date published: February 3 2015

Highlanders wing Ryan Tongia will face no further punishment after he was shown a red card against the Brumbies in a pre-season fixture on Saturday.

The back was found not guilty of contravening Law 10 (e), Dangerous Tackling, and the red card has now been removed from the 24-year-old’s record.

Tongia’s Judicial Hearing was held via video conference on Tuesday, February 3 and was heard by Stuart Pilkinton SC, who ruled the following.

“Mr Tongia was red carded in circumstances where it was alleged he never left his feet to genuinely contest the ball and where blame for the collision with the opposing player (and that player’s fall to the ground) was attributed to him. However, both of those factors were found by the JO to be incorrect,” he said.

“Mr Tongia was found not to be at fault for the incident for which he received the red card. In such a case it would be unjust, and impractical, for Mr Tongia to have to carry that red card on his record moving forward.

“For the above reasons it is submitted that the JO has the jurisdiction to expunge Mr Tongia’s red card, and that in the circumstances of this case he should do so when he formally records the disposition of the matter in his written decision.”