Six Nations: A beginner’s guide to the Centenary Quaich

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Ireland's Johnny Sexton holding the Centenary Quaich

With the Six Nations Championship in full swing, it will soon be time for the Centenary Quaich to be fought for.

The Centenary Quaich is one of the most exciting trophies in the Six Nations competition and is set to be contested for in Round Four of this year’s championship. Here Planet Rugby breaks down everything one needs to know about the trophy.

Who competes for the Centenary Quaich?

The Centenary Quaich is contested annually by Ireland and Scotland as part of the Six Nations Championship. The two teams battle it out every year to decide who will clinch the highly coveted trophy.

History of the Centenary Quaich

Named after a Gaelic drinking vessel, the ‘Quaich’ has been presented to the winners of the Ireland versus Scotland fixture since 1989. The prize was established to celebrate the 100th meeting of the ancient rivals and is not available to be claimed at any other matches outside of the Six Nations.

Six Nations trophies explained

The Centenary Quaich is just one of several cups contested in the Six Nations Championship. Other cups include the Calcutta Cup between Scotland and England, the Millennium Trophy between England and Ireland, the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy between France and Italy and the Auld Alliance Trophy between France and Scotland.

Who holds the most titles for the Centenary Quaich?

Since the introduction of the cup, Ireland have triumphed over Scotland 19 times while Scotland have only won it 14 times, with one drawn fixture.

Which team currently holds the Centenary Quaich?

The current holders of the Centenary Quaich are Ireland, who beat Scotland in an exciting match held at the Aviva Stadium on March 19 last year.

The 2023 Centenary Quaich will be played on Sunday, March 12 at 15.00 GMT.

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