Schmidt eyes ‘biggest win so far’

Date published: February 28 2015

Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt has said that defeating England would be "the biggest win" since he took charge of the side in 2013.

Victories have come against South Africa and Australia since the former Leinster boss took over the Irish national side.

However defeating England, the only other unbeaten side in the Six Nations, is seen by Schmidt as a good chance to measure just how far Ireland have come.

Schmidt is also banking on the home support at the Aviva Stadium, which he described as "unbelievable".

"It would be the biggest win we've had so far, without a doubt," said Schmidt.

"The position we're in, what we've got to play for, the year that's in it, the players that have come in and out of the squad: there's a number of things that it would be great to give that confidence to the players, to know that they're capable of doing it.

"Also, for us, it will be a massive game because we have had unbelievable support in the Aviva. Against the French, that support reached a new volume in recent times.

"I don't think we've ever quite had it like we had it against New Zealand in November 2013, but I think this Sunday it will get close to that.

"If we can be in the game, at the death, and get our noses in front, I think it would be just reward for the effort the players have made and just reward for those people who come and support us and provide a degree of inspiration to the players."