Quiz: Can you name the top 15 try scorers in international rugby history?

Jared Wright

This is trickier than you think!

We test your rugby knowledge once again to see if you can name the top 15 try scorers of all-time in international rugby.

As per usual, we will drop a few hints below but if you fancy your chances of getting all 15 with no help, then skip down to the bottom and have a crack.

While it seems like a growing trend in international games that the forwards dominate the try scoring, that is certainly not the case with the all-time leading try scorers in Test rugby history.

In fact, there is not a single forward among the top 15, with Uruguay’s Diego Ormaechea having scored the most tries in international rugby for a forward, ranking 35th!

As for the top 15, Japan surprisingly contributes two players and with New Zealand dominating international rugby over the years, it comes as no surprise that six All Blacks feature. As for their fierce rivals, South Africa, they have fewer players representing them on the list.

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Some of the most prolific players have donned the British and Irish Lions jersey, with five of them making the shortlist.

Surprisingly, just one of the players on the list is still playing international rugby; the rest have retired.

The majority of the list is made up of wingers, but as always, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

So, with all the hints and clues out the way, have a crack at naming the top 15 try scorers in international rugby history.

Note: Just last names will do.

Can you name the top 15 try scorers in international rugby history?


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