Premiership: Sean Maitland prepared to leave Saracens before ‘last minute’ deal

Dylan Coetzee
Saracens wing Sean Maitland

Saracens star Sean Maitland was delighted to confirm that he has signed a contract extension with the club, keeping him at StoneX Stadium for another year.

It is another late contract announcement for Maitland, who is pleased to have the deal done before the Premiership final this weekend between Saracens and Sale Sharks.

Happy to stay

Maitland admits he is grateful to stay at the club, particularly with all the difficulties the salary cap creates.

“It was Again! The last two have been quite similar. The market is probably not the best at the moment, especially for a 34-year-old winger,” said the Scotland international.

“It’s a bit complicated with the salary cap and everything that’s going on in rugby.

“It doesn’t just involve me. I’m just so happy because I have a young family, and my kids get to stay in the same school and in the same house for another year.

“Some things helped me – little micro-chats with my wife, small chats about the future and what could happen, keeping her updated about things here and at other clubs.

“I’m very grateful it’s sorted, and I can just worry about playing rugby. To move from this club which I love, would have been pretty difficult.”

Almost prepared a leaver’s speech

The contract discussion was left so late that Maitland was wondering whether to prepare a leaver’s speech but was ultimately not required to.

“Before the London Irish game (April 23), I said to (performance director) Phil Morrow: ‘Am I preparing a leaver’s speech for next Friday?’. He looked at me and said: ‘We’ve got a bit of stuff to sort out’,” Maitland said.

“I didn’t hear anything on the Monday or Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I was with my son, knowing Friday was the leavers’ dinner, and I still didn’t know what was happening.

“I got a call to come in, and I had my wee son with me thinking: ‘I’m going to be told this is my last time here’.

“I sat down with Phil and (director of rugby) Mark McCall, and they said: ‘Mate, we want to give you another year’. It was special.

“The game has given me so much over the last 15 or 16 years. I was accepting the fact this was my last year and wanted to go out on a high winning the Premiership, but one more year and the dream keeps going on.”

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