Premiership: Former Wasps boss expresses ‘deep sadness’ over the club’s situation

Dylan Coetzee
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Former Wasps boss Nigel Melville has expressed “deep sadness” about the club’s financial situation.

Wasps have joined Worcester Warriors in being placed in administration and suspended from the Premiership.

HM Revenue and Customs issued a winding-up order for £2million in unpaid tax as well as repaying a £35million bond which aided the team’s relocation to Coventry in 2014.

As an influential figure in Wasps’ history, Melville admitted the situation was sad whilst also considering the future of the game in England.

Sad situation

“It is deep sadness, isn’t it,” he said. “I was the first director of rugby for Wasps in the professional era.

“That was a time of great transition within the game and we are reaching another of those points now.

“Change is necessary and a reset is important to move forward. I am hopeful the resistance to change is the difference this time.

“I am hopeful that people will go with things for a better system and the betterment of the whole game.

“We all have emotional attachments to clubs. No matter who you support, if your club goes wrong, you feel deep sadness. You have got connections, it is emotional.

“It’s the same for Worcester and any club at any level. Every single club has their own history and stories and they are part of your lives”

Emotional connection

He added: “The important thing is to understand the emotional connection everyone has with rugby clubs.

“Let’s reset it for the betterment of the game and do the right thing for the long-term future of the English game. I am hoping we can all do that and I think we are moving to that point.

“There is deep sadness for people at Wasps and Worcester and any other club in the same position, but let’s use this as an opportunity to build a longer-lasting future.”

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