Plisson: Lawes tackle was ‘dangerous’

Date published: March 24 2015

France fly-half Jules Plisson has described the monster tackle on him by Courtney Lawes as being 'dangerous', but not because of the timing.

The video of Lawes' tackle on the young French star went viral and sparked debate over its legality, with referee Nigel Owens believing the tackle was fine and there being no citing afterwards.

Speaking on French radio, Plisson agreed that the timing was ok but pointed out the danger from the force of the tackle making him land on his head.

"The problem is that my pass has gone, at that moment I'm relaxed and it's dangerous," Plisson told Sud Radio.

"It was a big hit, yes, and the referee could have penalised him because I fell on my head.

"But if he's not been penalised then he's not judged to be at fault."