Pichot working on long-term Samoa solution

Date published: November 11 2017

World Rugby vice-chairman Agustin Pichot stressed that sharing gate receipts isn't a long-term solution for the Samoan Rugby Union (SRU).

Following news this week that the SRU was bankrupt, there has been a plea for public donations while England are ready to offer them £75,000.

Pichot though believes that sharing gate receipts won't solve the problem for Samoa and in an interview with BBC Radio 5 live he explained why.

"It is not about three games. It's more complicated than that," he said.

"Yes there is a problem. Let's not hide it. Is there an easy solution? No. Is there a long-term solution? Yes, and we are working on it."

He added: "Although I think the revenue share is not fair, we must look long term.

"The revenue model won't change the long-term plan of what is happening in Samoa, or Tonga or Fiji. It's about trying to find long-term competition. We have to work on the administration."

One idea that has long been pushed for is a Pacific Super Rugby franchise and Pichot admits that's also something that is being discussed.

"World Rugby chairman Bill Beaumont and I didn't pay lip-service to tier two or the Pacific Nations, we went there to listen to the problems," he said.

"I have been there at least three or four times already. We are taking care of it – we are the first administration to do that."