Phipps would consider Sevens switch

Date published: February 6 2016

Australian sevens coach Andy Friend is not going to afford any special treatment to those players wanting to migrate from the 15-man code to Sevens.

Warratah luminaries Michael Hooper and Nick Phipps seized the time given off by their Super Rugby side to attend the Sydney leg of the World Sevens Series.

"I had a cracking day out there," Hooper said.

"It was a really good festival and great for Sydney. Judging by today, I think everyone's going to have a pretty good time, if not too good a time. It's awesome and good to see rugby right at the start of the season and everyone's excited."

The New South Wales scrum-half said that he would consider giving the sevens scene a crack.

"It's the new exciting sort of game rugby has been able to develop. It's something everyone has been interested in," he added.

He dubbed this as the tournament that "Australia have to deliver on".

"I think this is the tournament Australia needed to deliver for the sevens series," said Phipps.

"You can just have a look around – the crowd's buzzing. It's a really entertaining area, I think it's going to be an unbelievable few days and I think not only myself, but a lot of the players are proud of how it's been run."

"It's just such an atmosphere, the fact that they play so many games on the back of each other."