Parisse hopes Jones respects Italy

Date published: February 13 2016

Italy captain Sergio Parisse has called on England head coach Eddie Jones to respect his side ahead of their Sunday clash.

Jones had suggested earlier in the week that England should give Italy 'a good hiding' at the Stadio Olimpico.

Parisse and Italy are coming off a loss in Paris last week in which they impressed, having been written off before the start of the tournament.

The 115 cap veteran still respects Jones as a coach, but added that the Australian's message to his England side won't have an effect on Italy's preparations.

"I hope he still respects our team. Before our game against France a lot of people talked about them beating us by 30 or 40 points," Parisse told the Press Association.

"Maybe England can beat us by 40 points, maybe Eddie is right, but maybe not. Let's talk about it after the match.

"Eddie Jones I think is a great coach and obviously he is trying to motivate his squad after Scotland. I think he just believes a lot in his team.

"He's trying to give a message to his players by saying let's go to Rome and smash the Italian team. I don't care.

"It won't make me play a better game because Eddie Jones said that. It won't motivate me or my team.

"I respect his team, but for me it is important that I play a great match for my team-mates and my country."