Nyanga, Dulin to face Anti-Doping Commission

Date published: January 19 2017

France international Yannick Nyanga has spoken of “injustice” and feeling “fed-up” after the FFR informed him he would have to appear in front of an Anti-Doping Commission.

Nyanga, as well as his Racing 92 teammate Brice Dulin, underwent a drugs test following the match against Stade Français on October 8 last year.

The test revealed traces of Higenamine, an anti-asthmatic which can also be used as a fat burner and is classed as illegal by the French Anti-Doping Agency.

The 33-year-old has pleaded his innocence, saying Higenamine is found in an isotonic drink he’s been using for years and which he had checked was legal on the French Anti-Doping Agency Website.

Nyanga told Le Parisien: “In the midst of everything that’s going on with the Corticoids incident, it seems crazy. I’m going out to justify something which doesn’t exist! I think I’m an honest, responsible and rational person. But I don’t understand how I can find myself in this situation.”

“I’m an eternal optimist and thankfully this has happened to me at the age of 33, when I’ve got my head together. But something like this can destroy a young player. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

Racing 92 trio Dan Carter, Joe Rokocoko and Juan Imhoff were also called up by an Anti-Doping Commission earlier in the season.