Laporte: ‘Axe two teams’

Date published: March 23 2015

Bernard Laporte, the only declared candidate for the FFR presidency, has said the Top 14 should cut two sides from the league.

The current Toulon boss will step down at the end of the season in a bid to succeed Pierre Camou.

Outining his thoughts on how to improve the game in France and as a result the national side, Laporte believes a simplified league and a final between the top two sides is the answer.

"The Championship has to be cut down to 12 clubs [from 14] and end with a final between the top two in the standings," Laporte wrote in Journal du Dimanche.

"That would free up six weeks to prepare the [national] players and put the France team centre stage.

"Of course this is something for the [National Rugby] League to do, but I would lean in this direction if I were in charge. Recall who is in control: it's the Federation, they delegate powers to the League.

Laporte also addressed the need to help the amateur game in France.

"The League and the Federation must agree on a different distribution of TV rights. And the FFR must save money [to redistribute to amateur rugby]."