Kearney backs Irish medical team

Date published: February 10 2015

Ireland team manager Michael Kearney hopes his medical team would spot an injury such as the one suffered by Wales wing George North.

Kearney believes his staff, who are situated all around the field, wouldn't be blind to a similar issue during the Six Nations and beyond.

Ireland hooker Rory Best left the field against Italy after he demonstrated signs of concussion, with Kearney backing his staff's decision.

"I know the Welsh medical team are stating they didn't actually see the second knock that he took. If you take them at their word there, it was obviously just a genuine error on their part," he told

"Certainly looking at the Irish medical team, the way it is set up, with a physio at the far side of the pitch and two medics on the near side, I would hope we wouldn't miss something like that.

"In relation to Rory, the minute he got the knock, the medics went on to him and he was taken off straight away to do the head injury assessment, which he failed. 

"Post-game he then did another test, pretty much straight afterwards which he came through really well. Certainly our medical team would be really, really diligent. 

"But as regards the George North situation, I couldn't second guess the Welsh medical team, but they are saying they didn't see the second knock he took, even though it was very obvious to everyone that was watching on TV that he was pretty well knocked out cold."