Hibbard: Hartley has been ‘silly again’

Date published: May 29 2015

Wales hooker Richard Hibbard believes England's Dylan Hartley won't change his style on the pitch despite another ban.

Hartley was suspended on Wednesday for four weeks after an incident in last weekend's Premiership semi-final, putting his World Cup in doubt.

Hibbard, who has crossed paths with the Northampton hooker on many occasions either in the club game or internationally, stated that Hartley had been "a bit silly again" but that he wouldn't change his aggressive manner on the field.

"He'll do his time and I'm sure he'll come back just as aggressive," Hibbard told the BBC.

"He is that type of person – he's aggressive, he's in your face. He likes to live on the edge and that's his game.

"You can't take it away from him.

"He's been a bit silly again unfortunately. But it's rugby, these sort of moments happen. Everybody has flashes. It's not a non-contact sport.

"If you take it away from him, you don't know what you've got then."