Heart drama gave Weepu perspective

Date published: April 15 2014

Back in training and eager to get back playing as soon as possible, Piri Weepu has spoken of his emotions after his heart surgery.

Back in training and eager to get back playing as soon as possible, Piri Weepu has discussed his emotions after his heart surgery.

The rugby world was left in shock last month when it was announced that Weepu had suffered a minor stroke.

The 30-year-old consequently underwent minor heart surgery two weeks ago and is now back in training with the Blues. He revealed that, understandably, the last few weeks had been fairly traumatic.

“When I first found out that it actually happened I had a few tears because it's something that you don't really expect,” Weepu told the Blues website.

“After I had my little cry I rung the old lady and let her know. She gave me a bit of stick actually, it only took her a couple of minutes to start giving me a bit of grief but after that I got on with it and tried to do everything possible to make myself feel better.

“My main concern was whether it would happen again. I had a talk to doc about it and we went down the right path and made sure everything was done the right way so I didn't really think that that was the end. I thought I'd try and do everything possible to get myself back out on the field.”

Now given the all-clear and targeting a return to the Blues' jersey, Weepu is undergoing a mini pre-season to get himself match-fit again.

With 41 caps to his name along with a World Cup winner's medal, Weepu added that the events of the last month had given him a fresh dose of perspective.

“I haven't been able to do anything for the last two weeks so I guess it's just trying to get back into pre-season mode,” added Weepu.

“I've only been doing 70-80 percent and taking it quite light but I've just been in the gym and the trainer got a hold of me and she was pretty tough but it was good to be back out there.”

“Now it's happened the biggest thing that I'm more worried about is making sure I make the most of my opportunities in life and if that means giving up something that I'm passionate about then so be it.

“If I've got to stay home and be with my kids then that's what I'll do but at this stage got to make the most of every opportunity.”