Gloucester’s ‘overwhelming relief’

Date published: May 2 2015

Gloucester director of rugby David Humphreys was "delighted to have won something" after Friday's Challenge Cup victory.

Despite being down to 14 men following a red card for Bill Meakes, Gloucester clung on to a 19-13 victory for their first European title in nine years.

"There's an overwhelming sense of relief after the last ten minutes, as with a few games over the last couple of weeks," said Humphreys.

"You try to stay as calm as you can, you are relying on your senior players on the pitch so much.

"I thought we managed the last five minutes really well. Greig Laidlaw kept the ball in and didn't really give Edinburgh an opportunity.

"We got into a good position, we played well in the first half. But indiscipline on our part allowed Edinburgh back in and they just kept coming at us. It was a nervy last five minutes, but we did really well to hang on.

"I'm delighted to have won something and hugely relieved. It's a great night and something we will enjoy for a few days."

Looking ahead to next season, Humphreys wants more consistency from his squad to potentially challenge the top teams in England and Europe.

"You just need to look at some of the players we have got in our squad. And you look at some of the performances against the big teams in England this year," he said.

"We haven't yet had that consistency we need to compete, both in the Premiership and in Europe, but everyone here wants to be testing ourselves week in, week out at the highest level that we can.

"That means Premiership and Champions Cup, so there's still four games to go, potentially, for us this season and it's a big challenge for us, but at least we're there and we have got a good chance."