Friday night games not in RFU’s plans

Date published: March 10 2017

Friday night matches have been a regular feature in Cardiff but are unlikely to take place at Twickenham in the near future.

That was the stance this week according to the Rugby Football Union ahead of Wales’ Friday night fixture against Ireland in Cardiff.

“Our position hasn’t changed,” an RFU spokesperson said.

“We don’t generally support Friday night matches at Twickenham for a variety of reasons, not least the challenges our fans have getting to and from the match.”

Six Nations chief executive John Feehan meanwhile told The Times this week that the incentive was still there for Twickenham to host Friday night matches in the future.

“You keep pushing the door and eventually the door will open,” Feehan said.

“Would I like more Fridays? Yes. Will I get them? Probably, in time, but it will take time.”