France focus on fitness in the Alps

Date published: July 16 2015

France are stepping up their fitness preparation at a training camp in Tignes as they bid to be in peak condition for the World Cup.

Les Bleus set off to the Alps this week having started their training at Marcoussis, and kicked things off with some fitness work on arrival.

Like many teams at the World Cup, the start of the preparation camp has seen the focus on being in the best possible condition, before France turn their attention to the rugby side of things.

"We will continue the dynamic from the first block of training at Marcoussis," explained Philippe Saint-André to L'Equipe

"Here the work will be focused 70 percent on fitness and 30 percent on rugby. The idea is to continue the preparation with the same great team spirit. 

"There will be a lot of work, and for 48 hours we'll have non-sporting activities to build the team cohesion. The aim is to avoid falling into a routine. We regularly change the content of training sessions to surprise the players. They are suffering, of course, but they are also enjoying it.

"By the time we get to the second camp (August 8-12 in Falgos) we'll be five or six days ahead of our first warm-up game against England. By then we'll focus more on the rugby than here, in Tignes, we're concentrating more on fitness, weights, power and speed."