Former Wallaby Drew Mitchell unleashes foul-mouthed tirade at Eddie Jones

Colin Newboult
Eddie Jones, Wallabies head coach, during the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Eddie Jones, Wallabies head coach, during the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Ex-Wallabies wing Drew Mitchell could not contain his anger at Australia’s defeat to Fiji in the Rugby World Cup.

After claiming an opening weekend win against Georgia, which was their first since Eddie Jones took charge in January, they faced the Pacific Islanders in Saint-Etienne.

However, Jones’ men succumbed to a 22-15 loss to the Flying Fijians, putting their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals in severe doubt.

Australia now have to defeat Wales this weekend otherwise they will likely exit at the pool stages for the first time in their history.

Mitchell began by crediting Fiji for their performance before unleashing several F-bombs as he dissected their current woes.

Empty sound bites

“Let’s not take away from the fact that Fiji played really well. But let’s also not take away from the fact we f****** shouldn’t have lost to Fiji,” he said on The Good, The Bad and The Rugby Aus podcast.

“Eddie sits there and goes, ‘yeah, it’s my fault. I take full responsibility.’ What the f*** does that mean though? He doesn’t get dropped this week, he’s not, not coaching next week, it’s just an empty f****** line at a press conference.

“What does that equate to? Nothing.”

Mitchell particularly has issues with Jones’ selection policy having left some of their most experienced players at home.

Earlier in the year, the head honcho hinted that Quade Cooper was his preference at fly-half for the World Cup before he dropped the 35-year-old ahead of the global tournament.

Jones instead went with Carter Gordon and decided not to bring any back-up at number 10, with utility Ben Donaldson the second choice pivot.

Such was Gordon’s struggles against Fiji, the Wallabies boss was forced to make a change with half-an-hour remaining, leading Mitchell to question why the likes of Cooper and former captain Michael Hooper were not selected.

Lack of explanation

“You’ve made some glaring decisions around Quade and Michael Hooper. Captaincy, there were six captains in seven weeks. F****** explain some of these decisions to us because, as fans, we’re sitting here scratching our head,” he added.

“A lot of the time we sit here and defend Eddie or the Wallabies because we can understand logic in some of these decisions, but there’s none of it.

“He’s not actually given any explanation as to why Quade’s not there, why Michael Hooper’s not there. He said: ‘Michael Hooper’s injured.’ Well, you’ve taken Pone Fa’amausili, you’ve taken Max Jorgensen and these other guys that are injured, so that’s a redundant point.

“Why the f*** have you not selected Michael Hooper? Quade Cooper? Come out and actually tell us, as fans, why you have not picked these guys.

“We’re now seeing the result of you not picking some of these guys.”

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