‘Cultural shift needed’ – Jones

Date published: January 26 2016

New England coach Eddie Jones has pointed to a cultural mind shift as one of the key rebuilding elements for his team.

With the Six Nations on the horizon, Jones believes that a "three per cent" mind shift away from just racking up caps for England needs to be made. This he feels has been a contributing factor in the side's decline.

Appointed in November last year, Jones believes that it has been the mind set of players to prioritise a national call-up as opposed to being successful in the squad.

England last claimed the Six Nations crown since 2011.

The Aussie coach reckons that English players have become complacent with just making the squad at the cost of slacking down with the intensity needed to remain success driven.

"Winning for England and playing for England are two totally different entities. If you want to be on the winning side you have work at improving yourself, as an English player, daily," said Jones.

"Previously it might have been accepted to just earn a cap without winning and history will prove this.

"Upon showing the players the Six Nations results and how we ranked since 2003, they were pretty shaken up.

"We are definitely a tier three European side at the moment, finding ourselves in the bottom three.

"In order for this to be changed it will take about three per cent – this however is difficult and challenging as this three per cent usually include the things you won't normally want to do."