Cheika takes aim at England scrum

Date published: November 29 2016

Australia coach Michael Cheika has taken aim at England prop Dan Cole for illegal scrummaging.

England coach Eddie Jones criticised the Australian scrum after England’s win over Argentina, suggesting there were illegalities in the Wallabies’ techniques, a suggestion Cheika adamantly denied.

“We scrum square,” Cheika told the Australian Rugby website.

“We’ve got an Argentinean scrum coach and all we do is scrum square and try to get as much weight as possible.

“It’s very obvious from the clips, if you wanted to watch them instead of all the vitriol that goes around, if you really look at the clips properly they’ll tell you the story.”

Cheika then said Jones should worry about his own scrum after Cole was yellow carded for illegal scrummaging against Argentina.

“I think the important thing there to note is that he’s got to be looking at his own players because they’re the ones who have got … a prop with a yellow card and that same prop’s been infringing the law since his career started probably if not all of this year,” he said.

“If he thinks that the refs are that naive to take the strategy ‘well if he has a go at our scrum they’ll forget about his guy,’ well that’s up to the ref.

“That’s not up to me. Nothing I can say can make a difference about that.

“It’s up to the ref whether he gets influenced by that, really, after the guy’s been boring in and falling down all of June in the series that we played against them and that’s his tactic.

“If he thinks that me saying something back about that is going to change the referee’s mind well that’s totally up to the ref. I don’t think the ref should be influenced like that anyway.”