Cheika disappointed after Ireland loss

Date published: November 27 2016

Australia coach Michael Cheika said he was very disappointed after his side failed to claim a Grand slam after a loss to Ireland on Saturday.

The Wallabies went down 27-24 to the Irish which was a massive blow to the visitors as their goal was to claim a Grand slam this tour.

Cheika says that he still optimistic about the tour despite the loss.

"Very disappointing, the manner of it too; the controversy around a lot of those things. It's not dented my enthusiasm for the tour at all. We've had a great tour so far, we've improved a lot," Cheika told

"There's a lot of new players in our squad and this is what we came here to do. We brought these guys over to get into the heat of these cauldrons and make better decisions and learn how to play. We'll keep doing that over this year and next year and get our mix right.

"We'll be hurting obviously tonight and then tomorrow we'll dust ourselves off and get ready for next week." 

"In this sport you take your disappointments forward with you and you say, 'OK, that hurt, I don't want to hurt again'," Cheika said.

"(We want to) go out there and try to make a difference, make a better impact and contribution in the next game. You can't cry about it once it's over. It's gone now, just getting on to the next thing."