Carter wary of ‘Gorgodzilla’

Date published: September 28 2015

New Zealand's Dan Carter acknowledges that his forwards will have their hands full against the Georgians on Friday, who are traditionally powerful up front.

Georgia's stand-out player is undoubtedly Mamuka Gorgodza. The Toulon loose forward has been nicknamed 'Gorgodzilla' by his team-mates for his size and abrasive style of play.

"Hopefully the forwards can do the dirty work and make it a lot tougher for him," said the pivot of Gorgodza.

"Hopefully he will be having to go back before he can come forward. But yes, he is an awesome player and we have seen what he is capable of in the first couple of games."

The All Blacks will run out against Georgia for the first time on Friday on the same field where France upset New Zealand in the semi-finals of the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

When asked if he had any memories of the occasion, Carter played coy and added that he loved the ground.

"No memories, but thanks for the reminder,” said the four-time Super Rugby champion.

"I have got a lot of great memories from here. It's probably my favourite stadium in the world to play at."

Carter indicated that it feels odd to be playing at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff against a team that isn't Wales.

"It is a bit strange," quipped the mercurial number ten.

"We play Wales so frequently over here, so it will be interesting to see how many of the crowd are supporting Georgia and how many supporting the All Blacks.

"I wouldn't have minded having a wee kick at the Captain's Run, but obviously with the game here on Thursday, that won't be happening. But I have played here enough as have the other kickers in the side, so they will be used to the conditions too."