Cane explains critical hit on Henshaw

Date published: January 31 2017

All Black flanker Sam Cane revealed that he was very concerned about Robbie Henshaw after he suffered a concussion last year.

Henshaw went off the field during New Zealand's 21-9 win over Ireland in Dublin after the inside centre was knocked out by Cane.

The Chiefs loose forward stated that he tried to contact Henshaw after the match to check how he was.

"I managed to get his phone number the next day and flick him a text," Cane told Stuff.

"I did keep an eye to see how long he was out for so it's good to see him back playing."

Cane described what happened on the pitch that day and insisted that the potentially lethal hit was completely accidental.

"I anticipated he [Henshaw] was going to move back into that space but Robbie did a pirouette on the spot, which is very rarely seen on rugby field," Cane said.

"As he did his body height dropped. I had already committed to the tackle and made contact to his head. 

"The terrible part about it is that he ended up concussed and having to be stretchered off, which no one likes.

"I've had to deal with a couple of concussions myself and it's not a nice thing. So maybe we have to be a little smarter and not go in as forcefully as you'd like to.

"Rugby is about dominating collisions but if we are risking concussions then it's not really worth it.

"The biggest collisions happen when you try to make a dominant tackle and tackle with a lot of force and it's hard to adjust late, so we're going to have to be slightly more passive."