Brown won’t flinch after concussion

Date published: March 14 2015

England full-back Mike Brown says that his game will not change after suffering a bad concussion against Italy.

Brown was ruled out of England's loss to Ireland as he went through the return to play concussion protocols.

Last year's Six Nations Player of the Tournament, Brown stated that he wouldn't have any doubts or concerns the next time he went up for a high ball or challenged for a 50-50 ball in Saturday's meeting with Scotland at Twickenham.

"I don't think so," said Brown.

"It hasn't been like that in training so far, although obviously that is a bit different to being in a game.

"The way I play, I can't afford to do that because it would take so much away from my game. I think I'm 100 percent committed every time I'm going for a ball.

"Hopefully I will just switch into automatic mode and won't think too much of it. We'll see when I get out there."

Brown was more annoyed with his tackling technique looking back on the incident with Andrea Masi rather than concerned about his well-being.

"I've seen a couple of clips of the incident – people were nice enough to Tweet me it a few times!" added Brown.

"I've seen a couple of pictures of the hit which was nice as well – great facials and then asleep on the floor. It happens in rugby. It's a collision sport.

"I was just thinking: 'why didn't I get my head in the right position or get there quicker so I didn't have to make the tackle?' It's just annoying.

"I only managed 12 minutes of the game which is even more frustrating because I didn't do anything in the game to be happy about. I got knocked out and that was it.

"I was a bit embarrassed by the applause when I came out. I only lasted 12 minutes and I didn't do much in those 12 minutes to warrant that applause. I just got knocked out. I was just trying to sneak out quietly and get behind the subs."