Boudjellal open to selling Toulon

Date published: September 26 2016

Toulon owner Mourad Boudjellal is considering selling the club at the end of the season.

The outspoken businessman, who confirmed the appointment of Mike Ford on the coaching staff on Monday, told AFP he wants "to live another life".

Boudjellal has been involved with the three-time European Champions for 10 years but is open to selling the club at the end of the season.

"There is a strong chance that this will be my last year," Boudjellal said. "I do not have a huge fortune but it's reasonable. I am much depleted by the club and I don't know if many presidents do this.

"And after a while it weighs on my life. There are lots of things that make me wonder why I take hits every week from guys who have not done a hundredth of what I've done for 10 years. It will be complicated for me to continue longer. I want to live another life."

Boudjellal spoke after Toulon narrowly beat Clermont Auvergne 23-21 at Stade Felix Mayol.

"Clermont are a fine team while Toulon, at the moment, we are Monsieur Bricolage [a popular French term for a handyman]," Boudjellal said. "We are left with guys not in the right positions. So to tinker, I brought in a new handyman.

"Mike Ford comes to the club. Steve Meehan's still at the club. Mike Ford will take care of the backs. Diego Dominguez is obviously the boss. It is a collective work. Steve Meehan will concentrate on video and skills."