Booth backs consistent referee

Date published: April 19 2014

Bath first-team coach Toby Booth was pleased the referee was consistent in yellow-carding both George Ford and Sam Betty.

Bath first-team coach Toby Booth was pleased the referee was consistent in yellow-carding both George Ford and Sam Betty during his side's 32-20 win over Worcester.

Both sin-binnings were dished out for aerial challenges; both appeared somewhat innocuous.

“To be fair to the referee, we've received a directive this week – there's been some clarification around contests in the air,” said Booth.

“The upshot of it is, unless two people are in the air contesting, irrespective of whether someone is looking at someone or not, if that collision occurs when one person is on the floor, that person is getting a minimum yellow card.

“If the player lands on his head, it'll be a red card. So the refs have got nowhere else to go. The referee was consistent – he did the same at the other end.”

Worcester boss Dean Ryan admitted he felt both yellow cards were soft.

“Both yellow cards were a bit of a shambles. Neither were particularly dangerous in the way the lads came down,” said Ryan.

“Let's just keep me away from that – and see what email we get next week!”

Booth, however, was delighted with the way his side secured an important bonus point try, coming in the 77th minute through Matt Banahan.

“The important thing at this time of year – when you don't get any second chances – is that you find a way of winning,” added Booth.

“The good teams find a way and that's the encouraging thing. We found a way to get the extra point, which we believe may be significant in a couple of weeks' time.

“We're obviously pleased with the outcome, although there are many aspects of the performance that we are less than satisfied with.

“And you've got to give Worcester some credit, and after scoring 30-plus points at Exeter last week. They're playing for their lives and that brings special effort.

“We play Northampton at home next up. We'll take each game as it comes. Obviously it's mathematically possible for us to get a home play-off semi-final. You strive to get as far up the table as you can.”

Ryan, though once again proud of his team's efforts, admitted the prospect of escaping relegation for basement side Worcester were growing slimmer.

“I don't know if we can do it. But we've got one more game before someone actually writes the headline,” asserted Ryan.

“Ultimately my job is to get this club into a good space and go forward. I think everybody can see we are starting to turn the corner.”

“I wish the season was another five weeks long – that's the first time I've ever said that in 20 years!

“We're really on the up. If we can do something next game, that's great. This club has made a massive marker and there are a load of lads coming next season who want to be part of it. I'm just enjoying being in the middle of it.

“I'm not going to allow people to get a cheap headline just by saying 'it's over'. It's not. We don't deserve it to be written off until our game at Saracens is over.”