7000 players get anti-doping training

Date published: March 12 2015

World Rugby has revealed that more than 7,000 players recently undertook a mandatory anti-doping training session.

World Rugby started up the Keep Rugby Clean programme to raise awareness and education back in 2014.

Half of the players took the course online, whilst a further 3,300 received in classroom training.

A Keep Rugby Clean day has been announced to take place on the 26th September during the Rugby World Cup, when the sport's governing body plan to use the global spotlight at this particular time to showcase their ambition to keeping and maintaining Rugby as a level playing field, as they strive to educate new audiences.

Promoters are keen to show the world that Rugby has zero tolerance for offenders, hoping the campaign will discourage anyone with the thought to take performance-enhancing drugs.

Last year Moldovan player Maxim Gargalic was suspended for two years following tests which showed he had violated the anti-doping rule.

Gargalic underwent an in-competition urine test in Poland. The results showed a presence of 19-norandrosterone, which was listed in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of prohibited substances.

Participants in the World Rugby Women’s Series, World Sevens Series, World Rugby U20 tournaments, World Rugby regional 15s, Sevens and age-grade events will also take the mandatory education, in co-operation with the World Rugby regional associations.

World Rugby’s Chairman Bernard Lapasset has spoken out, stating: “As rugby continues to grow and thrive around the world, it is essential to educate all involved in the game that there are no short-cuts.“

World Rugby Anti-Doping Manager for Testing and Education Ilaria Baudo followed on from his colleagues statement, saying: "World Rugby is committed to anti-doping education and we take our role very seriously to ensure that players at all levels of the game understand the consequences of doping, and how to maintain a healthy and clean approach to sports nutrition.

The official World Rugby YouTube account posted this video a year ago, which includes players such as Sam Warburton and Cecil Afrika pledging their support as ambassadors for the programme when it was first launched.

Rugby fans around the world are also taking advantage of the Coral news app, which is keeping them, up to date with the latest goings on in their beloved sport.

The governing body are offering the anti-doping training to any young, up and coming players who are interested, and those who wish to show an interest should visit the Keep Rugby Clean website for more information.