Must-Have Rugby Kit And Equipment You Need To Perform Well

Date published: January 2 2017

Unlike other sports, Rugby is a very aggressive game. It is a full-contact sport where you can expect to get injuries. With less number of protective gear used for the game, it is essential to make use of the right rugby kit and equipment to enjoy the game to the best. So here we are with the important elements you must have for the game.

Rugby kit and equipment


If you are only playing for a club or a team, you may not have to invest much as there are limited choices available for you. Here all you may need is to buy clothing for the training sessions. If you know that you will be having non-contact training sessions, you can simply go with the normal outdoor clothes or else you may need the right kind of rugby shirts on the ground. 

Unlike the normal outdoor clothes, the rugby clothes are more durable and can withstand almost every kind of physical torture thus saving it from ripping off. Make sure you invest in good rugby clothes that may last long. Don’t worry about the money as you can easily save from VoucherShops.  


Right kind of rugby boots is important to protect the feet as well as get a complete grip. Choosing the boots greatly depends on the leg movement, change in direction as well as protection you need to have for them. Playing with wrong boots during a ruck or scrum can end up with injuries. So make sure you have the boots specialised for the rugby game when you are on the field. 

Gum Shield

To eat well and smile good, you need to have that 16 pair of teeth in right place within your mouth. Rugby is such a game where chances are more that you may end up with less number of teeth every time you get on the field. A blow with the elbow or a kick went wrong – alas you may end up losing a member from the dental family. So it is very important to have a gum shield while playing rugby. Going for the gum shield itself is important but, if you can manage to have one with the shape of teeth and gums, can be best and comfortable.

Shin Pads

Even though they are not mandatory on the field, I would strongly recommend you have one. A wrong kick and you are done! Go for a right fitting light shin pad which stays in place while you are not held back while running and moving. 

Shoulder Pads and Scrum Caps

If you are a beginner, better go without them and learn the contact skills. This will help you build up your techniques. Once you are comfortable on the ground, you can choose the right shoulder pads and scrum caps that you feel good and offers you extra cushioning and protection.

Rugby Bag

A rugby player has a number of items in the rugby kit and so you need a decent bag to carry all those items properly. A bag with a good number of compartments will help you keep things separately without soiling everything. 

Base Layer

Many players may not find a need to have base layers for rugby but, having a good pair of under shorts can save people with larger thighs from chaffing. Above that, right fitting the base layer can help to improve the performance of the players on the field. 


When you are not on the field, make it a habit to wear a protective hoody for sure. This will help to protect from the cold wind out there. Most of them are weatherproof making it the right addition to your rugby essentials.

Apart from that training equipment, supplements and protective tapes also constitute the important rugby equipment. 

Make sure you invest in good quality products rather than going for the run of the mill products available in the market. Always remember that your performance matters most than anything else.