Michael Cheika steps down as Wallabies coach

Date published: October 20 2019 - David Skippers

Michael Cheika has confirmed he won’t seek re-appointment as Wallabies coach after Australia’s Rugby World Cup quarter-final exit in Oita on Saturday.

Cheika has said previously that he would quit unless the Wallabies won the World Cup and though he objected to questions about his future immediately post-match, he said that was ultimately the reason he was stepping down.

“I got asked the question in the press conference, you would’ve been there and listening, about what’s going to happen going forward and at the time I wasn’t keen to answer but I always knew the answer in my head, I just wanted to speak to my wife and tell a few people up there about it,” he said.

“I put my chips in earlier in the year I told people no win, no play.

“So, I’m the type of man who always going to back what he says and I knew from the final whistle but I just wanted to give it that little bit time to cool down, talk to my people and then make it clear.”