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Further information and FAQs:

What Is RSS?

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication', and is a great way of delivering news headlines, video and podcasts directly to you.

Using a compatible web browser, special RSS news reader or Sky Ticker you can subscribe to one of the many feeds we offer. Once you have subscribed to your desired channels  (sports genre, each of which has its own  RSS feeds button), we can deliver our latest headlines as soon as they are published directly to you - meaning you don't have to keep coming back to visit the site in order to keep up-to-date.

If you don't already have a RSS News reader installed on your computer then the simplest solution is to install our free Sky Ticker . Once you have it on your computer desktop, you can add or remove RSS feeds of your choice.

How Do I Use this page to subscribe to RSS feeds?

You'll find RSS buttons (the  RSS feeds orange buttons you can see all over this page) for different sections of our content right across This page also allows you to find all of the available feeds in one place.
Clicking on the RSS button  RSS feeds will take you back to this page with the URL (the web address) of the feed in a box at the top of the page. You can cut and paste this URL into your news reader. You can also click and drag the button onto your news reader.

What News Reader?

It really is up to you to decide what you use to check RSS feeds you have subscribed to. The best solution for you depends on your browser or operating system and the way you'll find it easiest to follow the news.

Downloadable applications are best if you have a main computer, storing your RSS subscription updates locally. If you use different computers, you might find a browser-based reader suits you best though newer Newsreaders such as Sky Ticker do allow you to import and export your RSS subscription lists between computers.

Viewing RSS feeds in your browser is pretty easy. To add a feed in Internet Explorer 6, locate the orange RSS icon on the website and follow the link. Feeds also appear next to the home icon in Internet Explorer 7. To subscribe to a feed to Firefox, simply click the orange RSS icon on the page or in the address bar of the browser.

The process is very similar in Opera 8 or above and Safari on the Mac, the RSS icon appears in the address bar allowing you to directly subscribe using your browsers built in RSS reader.

Already have a News Reader?

Planet Rugby RSS feeds are compatible with a range of news readers for various operating systems and browsers; we list some of them below.

PC Applications
Mac Applications

Using Our RSS

Our RSS feeds are entirely free of charge for non-commercial use. if you wish to discuss any commercial content or data feed requirements you may have, please contact us.