Your Views: Harsh offsides and Cheika’s future

Date published: August 22 2016

Monday’s inbox looks at one of the areas of the offside rule and what next for the Wallabies?

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Harsh side of offside

Concerning the offside rule, specifically the law as applied to that special moment at the end of the Australia vs Scotland game in the World Cup quarter finals, I struggle to understand how such an offence can be deemed as worthy of a penalty.

If a player knocks the ball on and the ball touches the ground or an opposition player before it is picked up by a team mate then perhaps that may be called as offside as possession of the ball ends before it is transferred into the hands of the offside player.

However if the ball goes directly forward from one player to his team mate who is in the offside position, surely it should be called a knock on or a forward pass, as possession of the ball is transferred immediately from one player to another in an illegal way, in the exact same process as a forward pass. Are refs just reffing this law lazily?

Darragh Higgins

Wallabies were woeful, but Cheika must stay

I’m writing this e-mail following the Wallabies devastating loss to the All Blacks on Saturday night.

Yes, I was there, but I departed Sydney’s ANZ Stadium in the 70th minute of the match because I couldn’t stomach anymore unnecessary kicks for territory that didn’t find touch and were returned by the All Blacks… and an abundance of “bloody Kiwis” in my section (#105) who were gloating to the max.

As I walked to the train, I thought of two changes I would make as soon as possible if I was the King of Australian Rugby Union.

First, I would start planning for the 2019 Rugby World Cup (RWC) by not selecting any current Wallaby who is too old to play a significant part in that tournament. That would mean getting rid of some of my Wallaby favorites such as Giteau, Moore, Ashley-Cooper, and maybe others.

Yes, they have an enormous number of Test matches under their collective belt, but many of these men are no longer test quality players and it showed on Saturday night.

I would now select young players who show promise (e.g. McMahon, Fainga’a, both Melbourne Rebels) so they can acquire a sufficient number of caps over the next three years so they’ll be ready for the RWC.

Second, I would give coach Cheika, if he doesn’t have it already, a contract extension until after the next RWC so he can concentrate on the future as the present has passed him by.

This is not a vote of confidence for Cheika, but a realization that no one else seems to be available… unless Australia wants to hire an alien such as Jake White or Joe Schmidt, etc. And yes, I remember Robbie Deans….but not that fondly.

I won’t be attending anymore Wallaby Test matches until I note marked improvement in their basic skills and competitive attitude. I find it nearly impossible to imagine the team which played the All Blacks on Saturday night is virtually the same team which played in the final of the last RWC.

Respectfully submitted after drinking a few Bundy Rum and Cokes and contemplating life without rugby union matches to attend.

And no, I won’t be switching the primary team I’ve been supporting although the Green and Gold of the Springboks is starting to look mighty good. BOKKE!!!!!

Bob Blevins – An American Married To An Australian

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