Watson facing second vote of no confidence

Date published: March 2 2016

Eastern Province Rugby Union (EPRU) president Cheeky Watson faces a motion of no confidence at a proposed special general meeting later this month.

The EPRU held their annual meeting last Thursday and although the presented financials were rejected by a majority vote from the delegates present, Watson remained in power due to a constitutional technicality.

Before the meeting, 27 EPRU clubs issued a signed motion of no confidence but the vote failed after several letters from clubs who favoured the motion were nullified on the technicality.

Delegates were believed to have voted 59-27 in favour of tabling the the motion on the agenda, but the vote was rejected as the signatures of club presidents and secretaries were required and this was not done in some cases.

This was because of logistical differences amongst rural clubs, where in certain instances, the president and secretary live far apart.

Although the clubs accepted the decision not to pass the motion, they requested that EP Rugby be placed under SA Rugby administration, and now renewed efforts are underway to call for a special general meeting, where another vote of no confidence will be tabled.

"Today [Wednesday] we will be submitting five signed letters, in accordance with the constitutional requirements, to call for the special general meeting to take place," Rugby Transformation Coalition representative Bantwini Matika told SA Rugby Magazine.

"We will ensure that we close any loopholes, and comply 100% with the constitution to ensure that the motion of no confidence cannot be rejected this time. 

"We have done our homework, and believe more than ever that clubs are now aware of the need to get rid of the rot in EP Rugby."

It’s believed that the clubs will need to gain a two-thirds majority to pass the motion and unseat Watson from his position at the special general meeting, which Matika said they hoped would take place before the end of March. 

Should they face resistance to their calls for the meeting to be held, Matika confirmed they would be willing to institute legal action.