VIDEO: ‘Sevens from Heaven’, the story of Fiji Sevens

Date published: November 30 2016

World Rugby Sevens Series title sponsor, HSBC, today published a new documentary that tells the extraordinary story of the Fiji Sevens team, who won their country’s first medal of any colour with victory in Rio and who are currently ranked the best in the world despite a population of only 800,000 residents.

Watch the film below.

Director of the film, Bruce Southwick said of the launch: “Being on tour with the Fiji squad has been a huge privilege for me.

“Rugby Sevens only lasts fourteen minutes on the pitch, but the real story lies in the journey that these amazing players have been on over the last few years. With this team having made history, it could not be more perfect timing for us to collectively brew the dream story and I’m incredibly proud to have been involved.”

Former Fiji coach Ben Ryan, said of the documentary: “It’s a great and unique story, like fast bowlers from the West Indies or sprinters from Jamaica that go on to dominate the world.

“These teams are continually achieving incredible results against teams that are more developed and have more support. This film seeks to tell that story and it is an honour to be part of bringing these incredible scenes to the world.

“When we showed the first edit of the film to the team in our training camp in Chile before flying to Brazil, it brought genuine tears to their eyes and I’m certain helped to inspire their incredible performance in Rio.”