Treu quits Kenya Sevens

Date published: December 11 2014

Paul Treu has resigned from his post as Kenya Sevens Head Coach and will leave the team after this weekend’d World Rugby Series tournament in Port Elizabeth.

The former South Africa Sevens coach released the bombshell on Thursday by an e-mail message to the Kenya Rugby Union [KRU] chairman, Mwangi Muthee.

Treu stated categorically that it was impossible to continue working with some members of the KRU board. He said they were working towards destroying Kenya rugby.

“Sorry Chairman, it was never my intention to walk away from you or the team, but your board members are on the war path of destruction,” wrote Treu in his resigantion letter, according to a press release issued by the KRU.

“It’s a shame, really, and I am very sad not to see [my vision for the team reach the 2016 Olympic Games] but I am grateful for the opportunity and will always be there for you.

“My involvement with KRU won’t stop with this letter and I can assure you of my continuous support. The players are doing ok and I am sure they will improve over time. We will go all the way this weekend.”

On receiving Treu’s resignation the KRU chairman said it was a severe blow to Kenya rugby at a critical time and that losing the coach was regrettable.

“We are now faced by headwinds and will no doubt go into a stage of instability. It will be important to focus on how the KRU, Kenya rugby and the nation as a whole will come out of this,” he said.

“With grave regrets, first I must thank Paul for the professional manner in which he has conveyed his decision to me. Personally I admire his bravery of venturing into unfamiliar waters; leaving the comforts of an advanced rugby nation such as South Africa. A lot of Kenyans respect and will salute him for that.

“We saw a man determined to succeed, his vision, character and discipline was remarkable and should rest assured that there are many who learnt from him. Paul will leave a mark and a foundation on which the country’s Sevens development programme can build on.”

Muthee said he wished the team could put up a strong showing for the last time under Treu in Port Elizabeth.

“Immediately after the team comes from Port Elizabeth we shall embark on finding Paul Treu’s replacement. We thank the South Africa Rugby Union [SARU] for having been instrumental in our acquiring Paul.”

Treu’s decision is largely due to ongoing player contract issues that have decimated his squad. He began the current Sevens World Series with a squad with no less than eight players had only played four previous times and several were complete rookies.

The KRU chairman, responding to the goings-on had said: “The big question is how much Kenyans have contributed making work difficult for Paul Treu.

“He came to Kenya as a world class coach; a coach who had won two World Series titles with a South African team he had meticulously built over time. He had won no less than 14 rounds of the World Series. He came to Kenya as a winner and with a plan that, given patience, would no doubt have worked.”

“A coach can only succeed with the full support of all stakeholders. If you have people whose primary occupation is to hound coaches, even if you bring in Gordon Tietjens, he will not succeed.”