Townsend calls for mid-air clarity

Date published: February 21 2015

Glasgow Warriors boss Gregor Townsend has stressed the need for clarification after Finn Russell's two-week ban this week.%u200B

Townsend, a former Scotland international who won 84 caps between 1993-2003, now coaches Russell at Glasgow.

The young number ten was sin-binned after he was ruled to have taken out Wales fly-half Dan Biggar in the air during last week's Six Nations clash.

Russell is set to appeal his suspension, with Townsend interested in the outcome and how it will affect similar cases being judged in the future.

Townsend described the incident and fallout from it as a watershed moment for the sport.

 “I think it is a watershed moment in the law. As a coach we need to make sure that we are coaching according to the law. So it will be interesting to see what happens with the appeal," Townsend told The Scotsman.

“But I think there will have to be a clear statement on what the law is and what you are allowed to do when kicks are in the air. We need to find out after the appeal and we have to wait but it’s obviously a hot topic.

"Right now we are in this grey area of who is the receiver and what rights does the person have when the ball is in the air and they are just looking at it, and it wasn’t sufficient last week. But if there is intent they should be dealt with severely.

“So it’s an important time for rugby to make sure we all understand the laws when the ball is in the air. Basically it just needs a clear distinction on what you can and can’t do.”