Top Rugby Players Fans Should Keep an Eye Out for in 2017

Date published: January 23 2017

The world of Rugby is a cruel world where the strongest is the king. Rugby is the sport to watch if you love tough competition and blood boiling tense gam moments that will force you cheer harder than ever in your life. At the same time, the best and strongest tend to stay on top of their game for a long period of time in this sport and we want to highlight some of the best rugby talents that interested fans should definitely watch in the upcoming season.

Knowing the best rugby players in the world will definitely help you to make safer predictions. Yes, you may visit Metabetting searching for some useful tips, but just expanding your own knowledge about the players may help you to evaluate how well certain teams will fair against each other.

The Iron Man

One of the most important names in the world of rugby is definitely Aaron Smith. This player is more than just famous around the world. His incredible skills helped The Blacks in multiple international competition and he is considered to be one of the best New Zealand rugby players ever. With a solid history of international wins and impressive performances, Aaron Smith is a cornerstone of any team he plays for and he is an in-demand asset in a variety of competitions including international and professional games.

Aaron Smith is notorious for his exceptional abilities to smoothly transition from offence to defense in a seamless manner. His great positioning often makes it hard to determine his exact role on the field, but without him teams tend to lose control over the game in midfield. Aaron simply knows how to change his position whenever he needs to and be in the right place in the right time. One of the best halfbacks New Zealand has ever seen for sure.

If you want to know what team will have favorable odds for the game, make sure to check their rosters and see what side Aaron Smith represents. His intimidating figure on the field often confuses opposing forwards and make games tense and more focused on protecting the middle of the field.

Currently, this 27-year-old rugby player represents the All Blacks (New Zealand national rugby team) and Highlanders in Super Rugby. He also a key player for Manawatu in the ITM Cup. He will certainly keep appearing on the field in 2017 and you should definitely keep your eyes open for this amazing player. He has a lot to show and you will regret for the rest of your life, if you miss a play from Aaron Smith.

The bigger the better

Massive 100-kilogramm Michael Hooper is another star player that you should definitely follow, in case you love rugby. He started his career 6 years ago and ever since he was in the center of attention attracting glances from both spectators and experts from all over the world. Despite his young age, Michael is considered a player worthy to be amongst the best in the world and he most certainly knows how to make the best feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Michael established himself as a very reliable openside flanker. With his compact size (he is 182cm) and incredible physique, he is a formidable force on the field and should be dealt with immediately. His impressive speed and acceleration also help him a lot. Combined with deep knowledge of the game and ability to make precise passes, his skills make him a very capable player who can turn the tides of any game. On top of that, Michael can go toe to toe with virtually any other professional player and he is not easily intimidated by the fiercest of opposition.

For a long time, this flanker has been playing for the Waratahs. He is the captain and the most important player on the field. Being so authoritative and influential, his role in controlling the team synergy is hard to overestimate. His leaderships skills were recognized on the highest levels of competition, since he is the vice-captain of the Australian national rugby team. Michael is a well-known diplomat and can often settle in-game conflicts without forcing any conflicts. This is an incredibly important quality for a captain.

While being smart is never a bad thing, having enough strength to win a head-to-head duel with an opposing player is never a bad thing either. Michael Hooper is a frighteningly powerful individual with enough physical strength to pick a fight against the toughest opponents. Having so many talents entangled together is something that makes Michael Hooper one of the most exciting rugby players to follow!

The Welsh Powerhouse

Another important player that we simply cannot ignore is Alun Wyn Jones. Without a doubt, this player is one of the most influential and important individuals in the whole Welsh national rugby team. His position demands a lot of responsibility and self-confidence and evidently Jones does not lack either of those qualities. He is a clutch performer who will always do his job regardless of the opposition. Jones has demonstrated both exceptional skill and excellent game knowledge in his previous games.

His expertise in rugby is great and allowed him to become the captain of the national team in the absence of Ryan Jones. Over the last decade, Alun has been a cornerstone of the offence and played his heart out in multiple games for both professional and national team that he represented. With incredible efficiency and nearly zealous dedication, he was always the beam of hope for the team even in the darkest moments. Many remember his clutch try during the game against Australia that Welsh team eventually lost. While the team in general failed to live up to expectations, Alun Wyn Jones played like never before and showed up big time!

This player may look a bit less successful especially compared to the competition from New Zealand or Australia, but no one will try to challenge his abilities on the field. Having incredible speed and natural robustness, this forward can penetrate the defenses with a speed of lighting and surprise everyone with creative plays. Jones is good at distracting the opposition, making solo plays, and accelerating very quickly. If you look for a player that can entertain you every day of the week regardless of the opposition, you should definitely start following Alun Wyn Jones from Wales. He is a great attraction!

The Colossus

Whenever one starts talking about South African Rugby, we simply have to mention Schalk Willem Petrus Burger Jr. This is one long name for a player with one long career. Burger was one of the most successful South African rugby players to ever put his feet on the grass of a stadium. His incredible physical qualities and sizes are a natural fit for rugby. He is agile, speedy, and capable of accelerating at an incredible pace. At the same time, he is very big. 193 centimeters and 116 kilograms of weight. One of the biggest rugby players in the whole English Premiership.

Despite his size he is a slippery player who knows how to avoid tackles and attacks. With his game awareness and nearly predatory instincts, he seemingly feels the menace and its sources virtuously avoiding questionable in-game confrontations. This does not mean, however, that he shies away from a man’s fight. He loves close combat and will definitely struggle for the ball in any situation.

With respectable dedication and amazing in-game skills, Burger is a player to watch in any league. He is equally good during his games for his international team and professional team. Burger is definitely a very important part of the Saracens squad. Simultaneously, he is the player that every single English fan adores. Whenever Schalk Burger appears on the field, the crowd starts roaring like a thunder. If you strive for both competitive spirit and entertainment, tune in whenever Burger is playing, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

The force to reckon with

Another famous player from South Africa that you should definitely watch is Bryan Gary Habana. An all-around great player, Bryan Habana is the superstar performer. He is a celebrity as well. Bryan Habana is well-known for his exceptional skills. Setting the world record with 15 tries (shared with Jonah Lomu, another legendary player), Bryan was one of the most successful international rugby players being named the player of the year on multiple occasions.

The guy is a record beater in every way possible. He managed to get closer to one of the most impressive international records with 64 tries over the course of the career. Additionally, he represented his country and his professional teams over 300 times. A truly legendary player with a potential that has not yet been fully used.

We definitely expect this player to improve his statistics even more in the nearest future. If you want to have an unconventional bet, just start betting on this guy and his records. Chances are your viewing parties will become that much more interesting!