Super Rugby set for bonus-point changes

Date published: January 21 2016

Reports indicate that the 2016 Super Rugby competition is set for a major overhaul concerning its points system, with the four-try bonus-point being abolished.

According to Supersport, teams will now have to score three more five pointers than the opposition if they want to gain an extra point during a game.

The change, which will be announced on Thursday, was agreed upon at SANZAR's (SA, NZ, Aus and Arg rugby) annual conference, which was attended by coaches, referees and officials across all five countries in the new look 18-team competition.

It is hoped that the move will encourage more attacking play, with the Southern Hemisphere's major club rugby tournament always priding itself on a more expansive approach.

Another interesting addition to Super Rugby this season will be a system where the referee will be heard by everyone in the stadium so supporters can understand decisions better.

The Super Rugby season kicks off at the end of next month, with this being the first year that teams from Argentina and Japan are included.