Super Rugby fantasy league!

Date published: February 12 2013

So you reckon you know your Super Rugby? Well, time to put your reputation on the line!

Our comments section is never short of mudslinging and readers telling each other how little they know about the game. Think you're smart? Well, time to put your reputation on the line!

Planet Rugby and have teamed up to bring you a fantasy league game for Super Rugby 2013!

It's the competition of all competitions. Unlike many other fantasy games that require you to simply suck a score prediction out of your thumb, in this game you need to manage a squad of players.

Since each player is given points for every contribution he makes, whether it be a tackle, a missed tackle, a try or a line-break, you need to pick horses for courses.

But you can't just fill your team with superstars – each participant has a limited budget, so you need to spend your money wisely. Be careful, player values fluctuate! The more other contestants buy a player, the more he is worth.

So how do you enter? It's simple, go to, follow the easy registration process and then join the 'Planet Rugby Readers' division.

To make sure you've got the latest team information, follow our Super Rugby section which will have the each team's matchday 22 as soon as it's released.

The fantasy league is ready to play so start getting your team prepared before the Super Rugby kicks off this on Friday (you can make as many trades as you wish before the first round kicks off.)

Good luck!