Sharks set to attack in Currie Cup

Date published: July 17 2015

The  Sharks will look to play an exciting brand of rugby in the upcoming Currie Cup tournament, but they need to make sure they deliver in other areas too.

That was the word from the Durban-based union's assistant coach Sean Everitt who said while it won’t be a pragmatic approach, the other components of the game, like defence cannot be ignored. 

And it’s not about merely throwing the ball around, but rather making correct decisions about when and where to attack.

The style of rugby they intend on playing is the kind that brings with it lots of tries.

“That’s the style we want to play – within reason of course,” Everitt told the Sharks' official website. 

“There is a risk that comes with playing in all areas of the field, so we will keep that in mind, but certainly what we are trying to create is a positive, attacking mindset and play to where the space is available to us.”   

Is this a license to thrill, where players are encouraged to have a go with the possibility of failing, rather than not having a go and still failing?

“In Super Rugby we tried to create a positive mindset and encouraged the guys to have a go, but there has to be a balance," added Everitt.

"The stats tell you that if you play rugby in the wrong areas of the field, you don’t succeed, so we want to make sure that we execute accurately. We’re not going to go back from what we tried in Super Rugby, but we are working hard on our core skills.”